Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

This website (www.insuranceuseful.com) is not an official website of LIC of India, however, it is maintained with the objective to educate people about insurance and help them to find suitable plans and in pursuance of these objectives, Insurance plan details & benefits illustration, Investor policies, premium calculators, and maturity calculators, pension calculator and informative articles are published.

Illustration of Plans

Various plans have been explained with their parameters, eligibility criteria, maturity benefit, risk cover, and other aspects of respective plans. Plans are also explained with the help of examples and benefits illustrations are generated to explain the plans in a more practical way. The benefit like maturity and death claims are based on previous year bonus rates and may change in the future.

Premium calculators

These are based on the tabular premium of LIC plans. Utmost care has been taken in calculating premiums but may vary with exact premiums charged by LIC. Premium Calculators also provide premium and applicable service tax as per prevailing rates.

Maturity calculators

The main purpose of publishing maturity calculators is to give an idea about benefits like what would be approx. maturity and year-wise death claim etc. As the final & exact maturity and death claim amounts in bonus-based plans can only be calculated at the time of maturity and death as the case may be. Maturity calculators use bonus rates for the years whose bonuses have been declared and previous bonuses for those years whose bonus is not declared, so the actual amount may differ from maturity calculators’ results.

Insurance planners

Insurance planners are published to help customers to pursue their insurance planning as per their proposed premium and term. Insurance Planners are a combination of Premium and Maturity calculators.

Selling of Insurance Policies

This website does not sell policies online, however, we sell policies as per the LIC norms, which involves visits of Licensed & authorized personnel to potential customers, explanation of plan details, answering all their queries, and collection of documents in case the customer is ready to purchase.

Comments & Replies

Comments and reviews from various users are received and published in good faith to help people know various queries and reviews. Replies to various queries tendered are general information and published in good faith. Though replies are given with utmost sincerity and care, we do not make guarantee their correctness and completeness.


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